Next gig

Sorry my laptop is broken – will be out of action  for three weeks. But you can still come and see me supporting the wonderful Wonderstuff at the Tunbridge Wells Forum on Saturday 30th July. I will still get on here though

Tunbridge Wells Forum

2 thoughts on “Next gig”

  1. Be good if you can fix your laptop ready to receive all these nice comments about your gigs! Just come back from seeing you at The Forum, TW – totally taken by your stuff: ace.

    1. Hello Cath

      Still waiting for my laptop but borrowing my mate’s PC to reply to you. Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the gig. Did you check out the music samples on here? Album will be out in September – check back here in a couple of weeks for more news. If you are any gigs in the future come and say hi. Thanks again for listening. Dirty Ray x

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