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Poster for Dirty Ray with Naima Acuna and Paco CharlinHere is a message from the man himself:

Hello everyone out there ! There have been some changes recently – and not just to my hairstyle. Dirty Ray is now working with two of Galicia´s finest musicians. Paco Charlín on double bass and Naima Acuña on drums . Will be putting up more info and photos etc very soon . We´ll have some lovely merchandise also . Have some Immaculate Fools concerts coming up so bit busy with that at the moment but Dirty Ray is still a happening thing and going great ! Planning a new album for next year so plenty to keep us busy . Bye for now , love from the little fella X


We are planning a complete relaunch of the website in the next few weeks so watch this space – meantime you can also head over to to catch up with Ray’s other project at www.immaculatefools.com. Please note that this site and www.immaculatefools.com are the only official websites endorsed and managed by Ray/Kevin. All other sites are fan sites or tribute bands and are not approved or endorsed by Dirty Ray or the Immaculate Fools and may contain inaccurate and out of date information. You can also check us out on Facebook:

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  1. any chance of playing some gigs in our great county of devon we saw the immaculate fools a couple of times in Exeter, once when you supported tom robinson still kept my immaculate fools t shirt if only I could still get in it, we love the dirty ray cd is there anything new on the horizon we can look forward to, because my wife and I just love your music cheers .

    1. Hi Rick and Sheila

      This is an extremely late reply to a lovely message you left on the Dirty Ray website a few years ago. Unfortunately it fell down the back of a filing cabinet and has only just resurfaced as we start work to decommission the website and combine it with the immaculatefools.com site which is now Kevin’s main focus. Kevin/Ray now lives permanently in Galicia and is unfortunately not likely to be playing gigs in the UK anytime soon – thereis just not enough interest any more to make it viable. Please have a look at the immaculate fool website and if you do facebook you can keep up with news and contact at https://www.facebook.com/TheRealImmaculateFools.
      Apologies for the delay – give Kev a shout on Facebook I am sure he will reply.


      Leo – web bloke, photographer, old mate of the band and general dogsbody

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